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About Suncrafter GmbH:

SunCrafter is a Berlin based clean-tech start up, founded in 2019 which creates innovative, stand-alone solar systems. Our goal is to power the mobility transition with a public charging infrastructure for light electric vehicles, such as eScooters and eBikes.

By integrating 2nd-life components, we make solar power even more sustainable, inclusive and economic. We are working simultaneously on business development and on several research-based as well as practical projects in Germany and beyond. To power the world without consuming the earth, we need you!

Your responsibilities:

To implement our solar powered infrastructure on a wide scale, we aim to better understand the society & economy behind it. Therefore we need help in our research activities in the fields of micro mobility, urban transport concepts, sharing concepts, urban initiatives, municipal tenders and more in Europe AND Africa. You will work directly with our CEO on concrete projects as well as on questions concerning general business development. 

Concrete tasks & research questions could be:

  • Testing business ideas - which assumptions need to hold true to prove a certain strategy as the right way forward? Together we think of how to test these assumptions.
  • What is the current status of micromobility in different regions in Europe? What are market trends, what is the potential impact of the sector and what does the regulatory landscape look like?
  • Who funds the sector currently? Help us to set up a funding pipeline and take part in investment talks with impact oriented investors from all over Europe.
  • What are constraints and opportunities for shared micromobility in a particular location. What would need to be given to successfully establish a sharing service including solar powered infrastructure here to replace fossil fueled transport?

Your talents:

  • You are good with finding, structuring and conveying information 
  • You  have a passion for questions and research topics
  • You have good interaction skills and the ability to work independently as well as in a team with whom you enjoy finding ideas and organising tasks
  • You are self driven and have an eye for what needs to happen next when you are in a project
  • You study in BA or MA something relatable to our business scope. This can reach from city planning to sociology, from sustainability studies to economics and more. (For internship: In your curriculum you are required to absolve an internship).
  • You have a passion for sustainability in general and/or sustainable development, renewable energy, circular economy, e-mobility in particular
  • You want to bring your talents in this field and grow professionally into it
  • You are fluent in English, spoken and written. Proficiency in German is a great bonus (Company language is “denglish” as we are a international team)

What we offer:

  • Together we build new infrastructure for new mobility solutions and more livable cities. You can become a part of this exciting ride.
  • With a key role in our projects and business development you create real impact for the company and beyond
  • You gain insight into the world of an impact/green tech start up
  • The exciting working environment of MotionLab with loads of possibilities for getting creative
  • Rather flexible working hours and some home office options
  • Nice and welcoming team with focus on keeping the work atmosphere
  • Fair compensation (pay for internship and working student differs)
  • Opportunities to grow with the business and support with your personal and professional development wherever possible

Next steps:

  • You profile ticks quite some of the boxes and you can’t wait to start your journey in the world of sustainability and start ups? Send us your motivation, CV and maybe some insight into work you have done, even if just on a small personal scale. Let us know why you would like to join the ride!
  • We answer you within a few days, maybe we have some more questions or maybe we schedule an interview directly

Sounds interesting? Then let us get to know each other!

The SunCrafter team